Become a girl boss, like Elle Ferguson

Who would have imagined a ‘side project’ could grow to over 1 million followers collectively, multiple businesses, a personal invite to Kim Kardashian’s home and a killer wardrobe? Well this is a reality for Elle Ferguson, who 10 years ago decided to start a blog with her friend Tash Sefton called They All Hate Us.

Here are some tips on how you can get started:

  • Discover why you’re different

Pick your passion and stay true to yourself, don’t try to be everything to everyone. Tash & Elle started sending fashion mood boards throughout their office to unleash their creativity and soon realised they had found a niche market. In one instance they even crashed their server. Today the blog is still dedicated to their mutual love for fashion and has more than 8 million views each year.

  • Post regular content

Posting regular, engaging and consistent content will help grow your audience. Today Elle posts photos at least twice a day via Instagram @elle_ferguson and is continuously adding to her ‘stories’. It might be something as small as playing with her dog or going camping with her boyfriend, but it’s content, it’s regular and it’s consistent.

  • Engage, engage, engage!

Fashion makes up the largest segment within the blogosphere. Although it would be virtually impossible to provide an exact number of blogs, this means standing out is difficult so you need to be creating engaging content. If you look at Elle’s posts, there is generally a series of posts using different photos but the same outfit. If you think about what goes into these posts; clothes, styling, hair and makeup, a photographer, writing the content, it is smart to create as many posts as possible in the one session.

Tip: Start to build a relationship with your subscribers by encouraging them to ask you questions and be sure to keep it conversational. 

  • Be patient

Don’t expect to grow your audience overnight, it will take time so you’ll need patience.  In 2014 Elle had 488,000 followers, and today she has 635,000 which is a growth of 30 per cent over almost 4 years. Also don’t be disheartened if you lose followers throughout your journey as this is the nature of the game (ya win some, ya lose some).

  • Analyse the statistics

See what works and what doesn’t. There is no point continuing to post content your audience isn’t engaging with, it’s wasting your time and potentially losing their interest. Analyse what is getting the most ‘likes’ or comments, and try to theme your content to suit this. If you check out Elle’s Instagram, she has created a consistent style that mostly includes fashion, beauty and some boyfriend posts.

  • Nitty Gritty

This might seem obvious to some but when you get caught up in the excitement of creating a blog, the essentials (aka nitty gritty) sometimes get forgotten.

  • Schedule time to create content
  • Include social media sharing button
  • Always reference your sources, it’s basic blogging etiquette

Are you an experienced blogger or just starting out? Share some tips you’ve come across that may help others looking to venture into the blogosphere.

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